Fans decry NFL’s pick for Super Bowl half-time show

Maroon 5 has reportedly been chosen to perform the half time show for the Super Bowl on February 3. Some fans are extremely upset with the decision, noting that since the game is being played in Atlanta that the NFL should have picked an act with ties to the city. The NFL has not officially announced who will perform at half time.

Trade negotiations with Canada continue

While the US and Mexico have reached a tentative deal on trade, no such deal exists with Canada. The three countries are all part of the NAFTA deal, which President Donald Trump has repeatedly said is unfair for America. US and Canadian negotiators will continue discussions today.

Flood waters rising as a result of Florence

Although power has been restored to over 1 million people who lost it in North and South Carolina as a result of Hurricane Florence, epic flooding in those states is hampering recovery efforts. In North Carolina, over 10,000 people remain in shelters, while President Trump has promised to provide whatever resources the area needs to recover. So far, 27 deaths have been blamed on the hurricane.

Four wounded, gunman dead in Wisconsin work-place shooting incident

Four people were shot and one is in critical condition at Wisconsin software company WTS Paradigm, after one of their employees went on a shooting rampage. Police described the gunman, who they engaged and shot dead at the scene, as “heavily armed”. The suspect has not yet been named.

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