Insane video shows woman firing gun at car then abducting her son

In a video that’s been seen over 2 million times, an angry woman confronts her boyfriend in a flea market parking lot, appears to shoot a gun into the vehicle her boyfriend was sitting in, then takes gets her child out of the car and speeds off in her own vehicle. Miami-Dade Police spokesman Chris Thomas told the Miami New Times, “We’re looking into it. We’ve referred the video to homicide detectives, who are investigating now. We’re not sure if it’s a real video or not, but we’re looking into it.”

Gas station owner tired of people using his microwave to warm up urine

A Jacksonville gas station has had to post a sign asking customers to stop using their microwave to warm up urine. Warming up urine from someone who has not taken drugs is often a way to help people pass urine tests looking for illegal substances. Parul Patel, who owns the station, told WJXX-TV, “They’re just random people walking [in] and it’s happening every day.”

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