107-year-old barber still cutting hair full time

An amazing man named Anthony Mancinelli is still working as a full-time barber at 107 years of age in New Windsor, New York. Even more incredible, Mancinelli is not on any full-time medication, and is fully self-sufficient living on his own. “He won’t even let us sweep up his hair clippings,” said his son Bob Mancinelli, who is 81.

Limo that killed 20 in crash was in “terrible condition”

A text message reportedly sent by one of the victims who died in this past weekends limousine crash said that the limo was a replacement vehicle, and that it was in “terrible condition”. The limo ran through an intersection and then rear-ended another vehicle, killing 18 people inside the limo and 2 bystanders.

Tropical Storm Michael expected to strengthen and hit northern Gulf by mid-week

An intense and growing storm currently named Tropical Storm Michael (but expected to become Hurricane Michael) is making its way north through the Carribean and Gulf of Mexico and will reach the southeastern part of the United States within days. Storm forecasters have said the storm will be powerful and life threatening when it makes landfall.

School administrators can’t decide where transgender student should shelter during mass shooter drill

A Virginia school has made the decision that while facing mass shooter situations, the students should shelter in specific, designated areas of the school – based on the gender of the student. A transgender student in Virginia was forced to sit in a gymnasium during the mass-shooting drill, because school officials couldn’t decide whether to send the student with the males or females to shelter.

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