Dollar stores feeling the effects of Chinese tariffs

Dollar Tree executives have expressed concerns about the trade war, and specifically about the tariffs that have risen their costs of importing products from China. Many of the products that Dollar Tree sells can only be made in China due to their cheap labor costs. The Dollar Tree company also owns the Family Dollar brand, operating 15,000 stores.

Tesla’s Model 3 safest car ever built according to NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has high praise for the Model 3 by Telsa. They wrote: “NHTSA tested Model 3 Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive as part of its New Car Assessment Program, a series of crash tests used to calculate the likelihood of serious bodily injury for front, side and rollover crashes. The agency’s data shows that vehicle occupants are less likely to get seriously hurt in these types of crashes when in a Model 3 than in any other car.”

Apple rejects report their servers had microchips placed by Chinese spies

A recent bombshell report by Bloomberg claimed that Chinese spies inserted secret microchips in countless computer servers, creating a worldwide spy network. Some of those chips were reported to be inserted in servers owned by Apple, but Apple has aggressively denied that ever happened. Apple never complained to the FBI about those microchips, and the FBI never contacted Apple to ask about them.

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