Shoemaker named Florida’s District Manager of the Year

Posted on July 17, 2019, 10:20 am
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The Gateway Services Community Development District (GSCDD) is one of approximately 1600 local government entities in Florida known as special or independent districts. The Florida Association of Special Disricts (FASD) is a trade organization that helps these districts share knowledge and improve their operations.

Like many trade organizations, FASD hosts an annual conference in which some awards are announced for high levels of performance and accomplishments. For 2019, FASD has named Gateways’s District Manager Chris Shoemaker as its District Manager of the Year.

While it’s understandable if you have no idea who FASD is, this award is a really big deal and a prestigious honor in the world of local government management in Florida. Although this is the first time a district manager from Southwest Florida has won this award, the Lee County area is no stranger to FASD accolades. In 2017 Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District was named FASD’s District Of The Year, while the same award went to the Lee County Mosquito Control District in 2018.

As the District Manager for the GSCDD, Shoemaker is directly responsible for the water and sewage utilities, along with the ponds, landscaping, recreational facilities and some of the roadways within Gateway.

Shoemaker first joined the Gateway CDD as their Utility Manager, and was promoted to District Manager in February 2017. To win this award in his second year on the job is an impressive accomplishment, and we congratulate him.

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